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You sell, let Neon Mfg. handle the details

Leverage Neon Mfg.'s decade of manufacturing, customer service and logistics experience to sell your own neon sign designs and make money!

Whether you have a website you already sell from, or you need a shop to sell your neon sign designs from, Neon Mfg. can help you!

For partners that already have a website, Neon Mfg. uses a software system that connects to your website to transmit order info to us when your customer places a neon sign order. No need to contact us to process your orders or do any manual order entry. And when your order is shipped, our system automatically sends the tracking info back to your website to notify your customer. Scroll to the bottom of this page to see supported website platforms.

For partners that don't have a website, Neon Mfg. will provide you with your own neon sign shop (FOR FREE!) on our specially designed sales platform, where you can sell your neon sign designs to your fans and followers. Scroll to the bottom of this page to see more info about our Neon Mfg. Gallery sales platform.

Neon Mfg. Dropshipping Services

- Neon Mfg. provides you with design services to bring your neon sign ideas to life.

- Neon Mfg. handles the production of your neon sign designs using our expert manufacturing team with over ten years of experience.

- Neon Mfg. ships your orders from our manufacturing facility directly to your customers, worldwide.

- Neon Mfg. provides customer service, warranty replacement, and product return services. If you are selling from your own website you will be responsible for customer service inquiries. If you're a vendor on the Neon Mfg. Gallery sales platform you do not need to worry about customer service.

Apply now to become a vendor. Click the button below to fill out our application form and our dropshipping team will get back to you ASAP.