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Custom Led Neon Sign FAQs

Each custom neon or LED sign includes; mounting hardware and/or hanging chains, a 6-foot power cord, and a 110-volt transformer.

We ship custom LED neon signs worldwide for free! Custom glass neon signs are made in and shipped from the USA. Due to the fragile nature of glass, we can only ship traditional glass neon signs to the USA and Canada.

Each sign comes with a 1-year warranty on electrical components.

The main difference between neon and LED is the aesthetic. Traditional neon is charming and has a nostalgic look and feel. Neon signs are hand made from glass tubing. The words or shapes are bent from pieces of glass and portions of the sign are painted black to stop those parts of the tube from glowing. This creates separations between letters or design elements. Neon signs generally have visible wires and insulator caps where the wire connect to the neon tube. They also have a transformer that’s usually mounted on the backing of the sign, and is visible. However, there are ways to keep the transformer out of view, please ask for more info if this is a concern.

LED is a modern alternative to traditional neon. LED signs are made from a flexible tubing that contains multiple little LED lights with an opaque layer to diffuse the many points of light into a uniform glow that mimics a traditional neon tube.

Nostalgic charming look

"Warmer" light

Weigh less than traditional neon

Generally less expensive than traditional neon

More energy efficient/produce less heat

No extra wiring or transformers necessary

Less fragile - travel well, great for trade shows etc.