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Custom Neon Sign Information

Please scroll to the bottom of the page for images of our neon color options and other information.

LED Neon Sign General Info:

LED neon signs are hand assembled from a flexible PVC tubing that contains many little LED lights with an opaque layer over them to diffuse the points of light into a uniform glow that mimics a traditional neon tube. LED signs tend to weigh a little less than traditional glass neon and are more energy efficient. LED neon signs don’t have noticeable wires or connectors joining the parts. The wiring is transparent on LED signs and the transformer can be hidden from view easily. 

Glass Neon Sign General Info:

Traditional glass neon is hand made by a highly experienced craftsperson using glass tubing that is filled with either Neon or Argon gas. The glass tube is heated over an open flame and hand bent to form the words or shapes needed for the design of your sign. On glass neon signs, there are portions of the sign that are painted black or white to stop that part of the tube from glowing. Glass neon generally has visible wires and insulator caps where the wires connect to the neon tube. The transformer that powers your glass neon sign will also be visible on the back of the sign. These factors give neon signs their charming, vintage look.

Liquid LED Neon Sign General Info:

Liquid LED neon signs are made from moulded and UV cured liquid resin parts that are illuminated by LED lights sandwiched inside. We can achieve more detail and font accuracy with this type of sign construction. This type of LED neon sign is great for block text that needs to have extremely straight lines. We can also offer backlit liquid neon where the front of the sign is black or any other dark colour and the light shines through the back or sides.

Dimmer And Remote:

Custom LED neon signs and Liquid LED neon signs come with a remote that can turn the sign on and off, dim the brightness of sign down, and also make it flash at different speeds.

Custom glass neon signs do not come with a remote and can not be dimmed. The sign is turned on and off via a switch on the cord, or by a pull chain on the transformer.

Color Changing Options:

We have color changing options available for LED neon signs and Liquid LED neon signs. Color changing designs may need to be simplified or made in a larger size as the color changing LED tube is thicker and less flexible than regular LED tube. Our custom design staff can provide more information about color changing options for your design

Waterproofing Options:

Our standard LED and glass neon signs are not waterproof and are for indoor use only. Standard Led and glass neon signs can be used outside temporarily for an event or occasion if you know the weather is going to be nice. We have a semi-water/rainproof option for LED neon signs and Liquid neon signs that is acceptable for longer term outdoor use in a covered environment, like a front porch. This semi-waterproofing helps keep moisture in the air from seeping in and causing corrosion. Semi-waterproof signs shoudl not be left out 24/7 in the rain or snow. We offer a fully weatherproof option for permanent outdoor use of LED, Liquid LED, and glass neon signs. The LED or glass neon is enclosed in an aluminum box with clear plexiglass over the front. The weatherproof box can be painted any color you want. Permanent weatherproof signs must be hard wired into power by an electrician. Please let our custom staff know if you’re using it outdoors and we can discuss your options. 

Hanging / Mounting / Standing Options:

Our standard signs are wall mounted signs but we do have freestanding options, please let us know if you need a freestanding sign. Freestanding signs are great for trade shows or other events. Standard signs come with mounting hardware (screws and drywall anchors) to mount your sign on the wall. LED neon signs and Liquid LED neon sign are lightweight and can also be attached to the wall using non-destructive methods like 3M Command Strips. We also offer other hanging methods if your sign needs to hang from the ceiling or in a window. Please let us know how you plan to use your sign and we can share the best options for your use case.

Color Options:

Our LED and glass neon colors are shown in the images at the bottom of the page. LED neon color options are all the same price. Most glass neon sign color options are the same price but there are a few colors that cost more due to the way they are produced. Our custom staff can provide more info on glass neon color option pricing. If you would like to see more photos of any colours please let us know. Also shown below are the backing styles we offer. We have many colors of backing, clear backing is the most popular. LED neon sign and glass neon sign backings are acrylic. We can also print full color high resolution graphic on the backing. 

Wires And Cables:

The power cable coming off the LED or Liquid LED neon sign is clear and fairly thin, so they are not an eyesore on the wall. The clear power cable coming off the sign can be almost any length you want, the standard length is 6 feet. That clear cable runs to a black power brick that has an additional 6 feet of black power cord attached to it, that black power cord plugs into the wall.

Glass neon signs can have a white or black power cord coming off of the sign itself. You can choose either white or black. Please let our custom staff know which you prefer.

Production Options:

We have production facilities in both China and the USA. Signs made in the USA are generally more expensive than signs made in China. If you'd like your sign made in the USA please let us know ahead of time so we can get you a proper quote.

Production Time:

Our production time is around 3-7 business days and shipping is 3-7 business days. Please note that this is a general guideline only and it may be slightly faster or slower. For orders of more than one sign production may be a few additional days. If you need a custom sign made extremely fast it’s best to request the sign to be made in the USA. We can generally make a sign within a couple of days and then expedite the shipping next day air or a 2 day air service. Please let our custom staff know your timeline so we can make sure your sign is produced and shipped on time.

Import Duties And Tax:

Standard LED and Liquid neon signs ship from China, so there may be customs/import fees due when your sign arrives to your country. Customers in the USA generally do not incur any import duty or tax on most orders. These fees are set by your federal and local government and depend on the country and state/province you live in. We have no control over these import fees or taxes. We do not charge tax on any order.

Payment Options:

Due to the custom nature of our work, we can only start production after payment is made in full. We do offer payment terms on some bulk custom orders, but terms depend on the volume of the order and the production time. Payment options for standard custom sign orders include all major credit cards, PayPal, and Afterpay. For bulk custom neon signs orders we also accept wire transfers, or checks.