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Custom Neon Signs, Desktop neon signs, and LED flex signs

We understand that you're looking for a specific look, and we'll work with you to make sure your custom neon sign is perfect. Neon Mfg specializes in custom neon signs with beautiful contour cut backings that give the piece the clean, high-end finish you're looking for.

At Neon MFG, we have years of experience crafting custom neon signs to meet our customers' vision. From basic direction signs to full, multi-colour large outdoor signs that highlight your brand and location, we have the knowledge base, tools, and shop material to create what you need.

For decades, Neon Signs have had a unique allure boosting a combination of nostalgia and a warm but futuristic appearance. Neon Signs catch the eye both during the day and at night, and their bright colours always capture the attention of the passer-by - whether they are a potential customer, or a guest in your home or office.

For a business, if Neon fits your brand, a custom neon sign can let customers know where you are, what you do, and help them remember your location better. Inside, they are an excellent option to direct people within your store or business - clearly showing what is where from a great vantage point.

While once an expensive indulgence and marketing option for large corporations, the craft and cost of custom neon signs are now something that small businesses and individuals can afford.

A Custom Neon Sign may not cost as much as you think. With our expertise and years of experience crafting unique custom neon signs, and our long time relationship with some of the best suppliers of components and materials, we can get you a reasonable quote for your custom neon sign. Neon Mfg. is now offering custom Desktop neon signs too!

If you're from a company or brand that wants to collaborate with us or need a large number of custom neon signs created at wholesale prices, we’d love to hear from you. We can accommodate orders into the thousands.

For some, the convenience and simplicity of a Custom LED sign that looks like a neon sign is a better option. We provide both and can discuss the pros and cons or each type with you.

NEW: Custom LED signs ship worldwide! And include a proper power plug and voltage requirements for your region.

What's Included

Each custom neon or LED sign includes; mounting hardware and/or hanging chains, a 6-foot power cord, and a 110-volt transformer.


All custom neon signs are made in and shipped from the USA. LED signs are made in and shipped from China.


Each sign comes with a 1-year warranty on electrical components.

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